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The importance of Omega 3 during pregnancy

We all know about the importance of taking folic acid during your pregnancy, but did you know Omega 3 plays an important role for both your health and that of your baby’s?

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It takes two to tango!

If you’re a woman, you are likely very enthusiastic about getting all your ducks in a row when it comes Trying To Conceive (TTC). Hopefully you are already eating a healthy balanced diet and taking your prenatal supplements. But it’s important to know that your partner should be doing the same!

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Low sperm count - don't panic

If you or your partner has just received the news that there is an issue with sperm, he is not alone. It is estimated that male fertility issues account for around 33% of all infertility. Gaye Godkin, Nutritionist, explains why you shouldn’t panic if you receive a low sperm count result

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Folate vs Folic Acid

Over the past number of years the scientific evidence behind the natural form of folic acid, L-Methylfolate has grown considerably. We look at the difference between Folic Acid and Folate and why it matters.

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